Legend has it that the wines were transported Up to Rome for delights of the Caesars

To understand the idiosyncrasy of the Denomination of Origin Ribeira Sacra, we have to go back to the beginnings of viticulture in Spain, that is, we are referring to the Romans (to the tests we refer to), the legends say that our wines were transported to Rome to the delight of the Caesars.

Viticulture "heroic"

Apart from all this, the influx of anchorites and thanks to Christianity, with their interrelation with viticulture, made the monks of the different orders that settled on the banks of the rivers, of which there remain innumerable vestiges and true jewels of the Romanesque culture that populated the entire geography of the rivers Miño, Sil, Lor, Bibei, etc., was transmitted a wine culture that did not take long to bear fruit and that made more than legend was a reality that reaches our days thanks to the effort Of a "heroic" viticulture.

Wines of Amandi · Ribeira Sacra

ENG_En la década de los años 50, cuando nadie apostaba por la viticultura en la zona de Amandi,  quedando muchas viñas abandonadas, Bernardino Rodríguez siguió con la tradición familiar y mantuvo sus viñedos como los heredara de su padre y este del suyo y así sucesivamente durante generaciones que se pierden en el tiempo.